Friday, 12 November 2010

Videos on Writing #1 - Various Advice and Interesting Stuff

I'm sorry for my long absence on this blog but I seem to suffer from a post-NaNo coma where writing has become impossible. Also, I am drowning in school work and I've spent the last week trying to keep my head above the surface. That's why I've decided to post this - a post I wrote ages ago and saved for just a time like this when I didn't have time to write new one. I hope it can help and inspire you, no matter if you're doing NaNo or not. I'll try go be back next week with a more NaNo centred post, if I can find the time to write one.

I wanted to share some videos I found on YouTube on writing, the writing process and how to build a story. These videos are a diverse bunch, I haven't stayed to a single theme this time since I wanted to explore what was available out there without having to turn away a video simply because it didn't suit my purpose. I hope you find them instructing and helpful, if not at least interesting.

The first video is about story structure. There are twelve episodes, based on three books, one of which I have read and worked with (The Anatomy of Story by John Truby), and can say is very helpful, though slightly too detailed for my taste. The sound of the video isn't great, but there should be no problem hearing what he is saying.

Here Stephen King talks about, as a writer, choosing to focus on writing short stories or novels.

Author Ziv Navoth tells us how to find the motivation to actually sit down and get the writing done.

These are excellent tips by Kurt Vonnegut on how to write short stories. In fact, I would dub this the most useful video in this post, but dare not make such a definite statement based solely on taste. In any case, it's short and to the point, and gives some handfast tips.

Geoffrey Zimmerman gives tips to aspiring authors, mostly as regarding the writing process itself. I had issues with the audio, but I think that was mostly due to my speakers.

I had intended to only post 5 videos, but I found this, which wasn't embeddable in the post, so it will be a little bonus for all of you interested. It's an excellent video regarding script-writing for movies, but can easily be adapted for novels as well. It regards story structure, and how to build up your story.
How to Write a Script - Story Structure

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