Friday, 5 November 2010

I Did it!

Five days into NaNoWriMo I finished the 50,000 words! As you can imagine I've been writing like crazy all week, but it's been worth it. It will make the rest of November much easier, for I have a heavy courseload this month, and I'm working a bit too. Now I've participated in and won two NaNos. I'm a little sad at the moment though, because I won't be able to enjoy all of NaNo 2010. I won't have the time to check in on the forums every day, and I've already finished my writing. It turned into a NaNoWriWe for me instead. Oh, well. I'll just have to try to find time for the forums. Maybe I'll work on a short story as well. We'll see, we'll see. Now I'm going to eat the rest of my potato chips and just enjoy an evening of rest and no writing.

As a true NaNoer, here are some very specific statistics on my NaNo novel this year:

  • Words written: 50,236
  • Days to finish 50K: 5
  • Average amount of words per day: 10047
  • Approximate no. of hours written: 42
  • Words written on most productive day: 13,010
  • Dare points achieved: 47 (!)
  • No. of Pringles tubes emptied: 1 1/3
  • Bags of Maltesers eaten: 1
  • Rows of Marabou chocolate eaten: 2 (which makes 8 squares)
  • No. of metaphorical walls hit: 2
  • No. of 4th wall breaks: 0

I'll write more on this subject later. Right now I just want to get away from the computer.

Good luck to all of you still writing! I know you will get there too!

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