Friday, 18 March 2011

Those Darn Idioms! #2

"without understanding the meaning of what one has learnt"
E.g. "He's not the brightest. He just repeats what his buddy says, parrot-fashion."

A month of Sundays
"an extremely long time"
E.g. "I won't be done studying in a month of Sundays."

Do a moonlight
"to move away suddenly"
E.g. "He did a moonlight again. We'll never find him!"

"not special or unusual"
E.g. "It was a run-of-the-mill performance. I guess I'm satisfied with it."

There are no flies on (someone)
"there is no lack of intelligence and cunning in (someone)"
E.g. "You can't hide anything from him. There are no flies on Arnold."

Source of the definitions:
The Wordsworth Dictionary of Idioms

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