Saturday, 12 March 2011

NaNoEdMo or the Art of Epic Fail

Just an update on my NaNoEdMo attempt, which isn't going well. In fact, it's not going at all. I haven't spent a single second editing my novel, for I have so much schoolwork that I have barely a minute to spare for non-school related stuff. Perhaps I will do my own NaNoEdMo in April instead, when one of my classes will be over. But I think it will have to wait until I've graduated at the end of term (finally!) and (probably) become unemployed. Anyone in need of a (soon) college graduate with a Bachelor in information systems? Well, it was worth a shot. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I have failed NaNoEdMo. I rarely fail anything, and would rather work until the very end before giving up, but when you're being kept up at night worrying about school, you don't want to add another stress factor to your life. So, goodbye NaNoEdMo! I barely got to know you, but I hope we meet again soon!

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