Sunday 30 October 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011 - Two Days Left

Only two more days now! My freezer is so full that I could barely get it to close yesterday (I'm afraid to open it now) - and I still had to store some stuff in the fridge! You can tell I have managed to prepare a lot of food. I also finished my latest school assignment, only two days late, which is pretty much a miracle. Too bad I have two assignments for November (don't teachers realise it's NaNo?).

Fun fact: I learnt yesterday that I have been pronouncing NaNoWriMo wrong for three years. I should have known better - I mean, it's pretty obvious that the Wri is pronounced as the "wri" in "writing". I just thought it sounded bad and ignored it. Now I feel stupid.

Right, so, a few pre-NaNo statistics then:
Number of Pringles tubes bought: 2
Number of leftover meals in freezer: too afraid to open freezer door to count
Number of microwave meals bought: 4
Number of characters fully developed: 0
Number of plots: 0
Number of subplots: 0
Moments of panic relating to this year's NaNo: at least 20
Moments of panic related to my lack of outline: at least 10
Time left until NaNo: 1 day, 14 hours and 30 minutes.

Good luck to all NaNoers out there! See you in the forums!

Monday 24 October 2011

NaNoWriMo '11

It's time for another NaNo! I'm very excited, but completely freaking out. I'm working a lot (November is pretty crazy, unfortunately), have school full time, working a few extra hours on a writing (not fiction) thing and, did I mention I'm working a lot? How on Earth am I going to write 50,000 words in 30 days? But I'm not going to fail, I never have before and this is not going to be the first time.

Nevertheless, I haven't had time to plan my novel and NaNo is just about a week away. I came up with an idea in August which I still really like. It actually has a title - and I never give my novels titles normally. It's called Alice's Stuff. Not going to tell you what it's about though ^^. I guess I'll have to do some last minute character motivation planning and subplotting this weekend. Just hope I don't have to study all of Saturday...

Anyway, for those of you who are new to NaNo this year, take it from a veteran (well, I'm not sure that two finished NaNo's make me a veteran, but just roll with it): preparation is everything. Since I haven't had time to prepare at all, I'm going to have to cook a bunch of food this week, cram in some novel planning, spend some time on the NaNo forums, and just get in the mood for the experience. I append a small list of NaNo essentials below, if you are wondering what you might need to prepare until next week. The list includes some of my favourite writing aids. The basic rule, though, is to have a comfortable writing space and have access to food that doesn't require too much cooking time. If you have that, then you're all set. Good luck!


The Excrutiating End

At the moment of writing this post I am at the last stages of my first novel (by the time I post this I will, hopefully, have finished). I have about 6 000 words left to write before I'll have reached my goal of 75,000 words. If I reach my goal I will have finished my first full-length novel! (I don't really count my 50,000 word novel from NaNo '09 as full-length, though I'm not entirely sure what to categorise it as...) This is a novel I've been writing on and off for about five years I believe (I can't even remember anymore). Finishing it will be one of the most amazing feelings ever - yet these last 6 000 words are proving to be the most painful ever. Why?