Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Importance of a Good Place to Write

I'm still being drowned in school work and thus will write only a short post this week. I have been contemplating on the importance of a good tool for writing. Less than a month ago I purchased a wonderful little laptop which has, surprisingly (for I didn't this it was possible), made me more eager to write. I can sit anywhere with it in my lap for it doesn't get warm, and the battery seems to last an eternity. I can start it up at an instance, and write away at my heart's desire. It's my tiny, little miracle.

Now, the purpose of this narrative is to stress the importance of having something to write with that is just right for you. Some use pen and paper, others sit by a desk. I sit pretty much anywhere that isn't a desk, or a table, which is why mobility is so important for me. My point is that even though you might not think that you need to improve your writing-tool department, and even if you have all the software you could ever want for planning and writing it will be much easier to write if you're comfortable with you computer, pen, type-writer, smoke signal fire etc. (By the way, how does one write with smoke signals - I mean, how does one save what one has written? It seems rather tricky to me...) I had no idea that my laptop would motivate me. So I urge you to try and mix it up - don't get caught up in your routines. Do you always write by your desk? Move to the living room.  Always by your computer? Pick up a pen and some paper. Whatever it is, do it differently. You might not even know that you need change, and there's no harm in trying, is there?

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