Friday, 6 August 2010

Word of the Week #1

Being a non-native English speaker I always feel inferior to all the lucky people who have grown up speaking it. In my opinion, English is the best language in the world. So, in celebration of this wonderful language I will try to write a post with some interesting word I have come across each week. In case you don't feel like waiting an entire week for a new word (if only I had the time to make this a daily thing!), here are some web pages where you can find new words each day:

There are many, many similar pages out there, simply google "word of the day". I'm hoping to improve my vocabulary (and yours, if you're interested) by doing this, because there is such an abundance of variety available in the English language that I'm never able to utilise fully (unless I use a thesaurus of course). I understand many more words than I can actually use, simply because I don't remember them when it's time to use them. So, to start off this experiment, I've chosen a word I found quite suitable:

The word enterprise is Middle English and derived from Anglo-French, meaning undertake. It refers to a project or venture that is difficult or risky, and might involve complications.


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